It is sure that we need green nature.
So why don't you utilize it better?
We will provide information and opportunity for this and support it.

From Japan, born in 1976. Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design for The department of landscape design.
He started artistic activities in 2001. His work "MOSS WALL" is made of dried moss. He submitted his works to MILANO FLASH ART FAIR(IT) in 2004, Village ASIA during festival(FR), Kunstart 07(IT), bridge Art Fair London(UK) in 2007 and so on. "MINI SCAPE" was placed on display in Artcurial in Paris. He adesigned and made Japanese garden for EVISU JEANS.
And now he also win a position as a landscape designer.


That goods should have been overflowed thanks to the information-oriented society
At all, we can't feel satisfaction and don't we always feel anxiety?
Now, we can't live by only to pursue rationalization and depend on mentality.
It is important to fuse rationality and mentality fuse how and whether to position balance well.
Therefore, we want to tell the people all over the world the value of the mind of the Japanese culture and the Japanese garden to Japan.