JUN 30,2012

Renewal of web!

Project Paige It was alike and added GARDEN MANAGEMENT.

FEB 22,2010

Had a meeting with Mr. Yoshihisa Godo, Doctor of Agriculture and the professor at Meiji Gakuin University.

Mr. Yoshihisa Godo gathers attraction on agricultural issues. He is now writing a new book now. We had a meeting on contact points and the future between the agriculture and plants.

NOV 22,2009

Mr. Oliver Knott visited Japan from Germany!!

Mr. Oliver Knott came to Japan. This trip also serves as the view for his gallery in Germany opened in next April. I guided him at Saihou-ji temple in Kyoto and changed opinions.

Mr. Oliver Knott|Saihou-ji temple in Kyoto

SEP 9,2009

Sending to Europe. Will associate with German design office.

I will associate with AquaDesign Consulting Company in Dielheim and will sell MOSS ART.

JUNE 22,2009

It is the first time in China to exhibit MINI SCAPE.

The mini scape will be exhibited and sold at Beijing Zenith gallery in Beijing, China.


The identity of the devil was made clear.

It found that there was a cell which is afraid of the snake in the amygdala of the monkey with the development of cerebral science (Function brain science).
As for the thing, it is possible to say the same thing to the human being, too.
For example, we are afraid of the sound in the darkness, because the scare was drawn out by incorporated gene.
In this scare, if someone can manipulate the scare freely, the person can become a devil.

On the other hand, in the forest bathing which is used as self medication , it makes a stress decline.
Besides, too, it is reported that there is an effect in the restraint of the cancer in activating N-K cell (Natural killer cell).
As for this, the influence which phytoncide ( the chemicals which the tree slips ) and the forest bathing exert on feeling is supposed.

The person can become an angel if this meaning is made clear and they can handle it freely.

In other words, the medicine for the soul exists in the world.
Everyone has the experience of being moved, healed by seeing and feeling in the body, but as that will be a difference among individuals.
However, there are many persons who are expressed reproaches by the strong pressure, the tension and the anxiety in the daily life.
And we don't have the time to solve the problem, we seek only to make it convenient, as we have forgot being moved.
If there is a hope that we feel the nature freely, doesn't it become good news for the world?

Now, we need to create the moving which is good for the soul.

Introducing useful information for gardens!
Nature is essential to our lives. Get to you know your garden and have a healthy life.

Chapter 1:
A clever way of using water:
In Japan there is a garden called "Karesansui" where water is not required.
An ingenious, artistic garden using rocks and sand only, it has become familiar to many.

Chapter 2:
Why is an avenue of trees cool?
Avenues of trees are cool because they provide shade. The trees themselves can also soak up water for its leaves, thereby dropping the temperature.
Through this evaporation the heat between the leaves is taken away.
Using these effects, two rows of sycamore trees are planted in the middle of many of its streets in Teheran, and irrigation water runs between them. In
India, the centers of the roads are raised so that water is drained into the plants along the road when it rains. Similarly, effective schemes are implemented in various parts of California.

Why Japanese Garden

If one were to describe Japanese Garden in one word, it can be described as an art using nature. It is a complete art with much thought and design presented in the form of a garden. Hence, a Japanese garden utilizes nature cleverly. As the natural environment changes, the relationship with the garden is developed smartly using water and energy efficiently. Today, such Japanese gardens are necessary.